Aleamed and Massons Healthcare – UNYQ distribution partnership Aleamed und Massons Healthcare - Vertriebspartnerschaft mit UNYQ

Aleamed y Massons Healthcare - Asociación de distribución de UNYQ
21. Dezember 2023 durch

Aleamed and Massons Healthcare – UNYQ distribution partnership

UNYQ Inc. leader in the field of 3D-printed personalized prosthetic Wears and Aleamed in Belgium and Massons Healthcare in Australia both established health care distribution companies, have entered into a distribution partnership.

The objective of both distribution partnerships is to offer UNYQ’s collection of products and services, namely 3D-printed personalized prosthetics, addressing the needs of amputees and their clinicians to the Benelux countries through Aleamed, and Australia, New Zealand and Singapore through Massons Healthcare. Through these distribution partnerships, all prosthetic clinics in these countries will have a local representation servicing UNYQ Wears.

UNYQ makes and designs 3D-printed personalized prosthetics. UNYQ’s proprietary technology captures user design preferences and biometrics using among others a simple smartphone App, a process that involves 3D imaging , 3D-printing and design finishing. Custom UNYQ Wears are shipped to thousands of clinics in 30 different countries.

The aim of the Aleamed and Massons Healthcare – UNYQ distribution partnership is to collaborate in scaling 3dprinted prosthetic products to all the prosthetic clinics throughout these territories, starting in September 2022. This milestone is important because the regions will have a stable local representation for the first time, including support for the latest and upcoming product launches, such as the 3D Flex UNYQ covers that since the beginning of July 2022 are available in all colors.

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I am very happy that Aleamed is able to bring another innovative product to the BENELUX market. UNYQ is an example of creativity, innovation and aesthetics. We at Aleamed are happy to contribute to this beautiful adventure.

Bart De Pooter, CEO of Aleamed.

The team and I at Massons Healthcare are very excited to be partnering with UNYQ and to be able to bring their innovations to the Amputee community within our markets in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore and I can’t wait to see what they will do next.

Anton Karak, Director of Massons Healthcare.

Our goal is to make UNYQ Wears available to as many amputees as possible worldwide offering the same consistent clinical service. That is impossible to do without strong local partnerships with experienced local distribution leaders that share our passion and vision. We are very excited to collaborate with Aleamed and Massons Healthcare to achieve this goal.

Eythor Bender, CEO and Co-Founder of UNYQ.

About UNYQ

UNYQ is a designer of prescription prosthetic wears. We use digitization and 3D printing to enable mass customization and personalized design. UNYQ that was founded in San Francisco and Seville (Spain) collaborates with close to 1000 UNYQ Clinics in over 50 countries across the world to provide its wears to fashion amputees in 50 countries.

Carlos Rodríguez, Marketing and Press Relations, UNYQ,

About Masson Health Care

Massons Healthcare is a privately owned, family operated for over 70 years based in Knoxfield, Melbourne, Australia. Massons provides orthotic and prosthetic (O&P) clinical patient care, CFAB (central fabrication) manufactured devices, wholesale and retail products and services. During this unpredictable and challenging time, our team continues to stay active in the medical device industry, supporting and servicing your O&P needs.

Marketing and Press, Massons Healthcare


Aleamed – founded in 2009 – is a distribution company that specializes in the sales of medical devices for the different departments in the hospital, prosthetics clinics and doctors. We only consult with suppliers who produce medical devices that meet our strict requirements for quality, durability care, and innovation.

Sofie Mertens, Marketing and Press, Aleamed,

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