Ein aktiver Lebensstil für Amputierte - Christina Wechsel

From my own experience I can report that despite amputation you can find wholeness and that our possibilities are limitless.
22. Dezember 2023 durch

Christina Wechsel UNYQer Interview

Exercise seems to have a positive impact on physical and mental health, even for amputees. It is thought to be a mind-body connection, and in that sense, an active amputee lifestyle is crucial not only to healing and maintaining our bodies, but also to regaining self-confidence.

This time we had the opportunity to meet Christina Weschel, German speaker, author and naturopath who holistically accompanies other amputees, encouraging them to see their full potential. She also helps them to gain courage and self-confidence, and guides them towards a fulfilling life by highlighting the benefits of an active lifestyle for amputees.

Read here the full interview about having an active amputee lifestyle and send us an email to marketing@unyq.com if you want to share your story with us too.

"From my own experience I can report that despite amputation you can find wholeness and that our possibilities are limitless."

Christina is wearing a UNYQ Herringbone design from the C-Collection in Champagne matte.

Each of us has a personal life story that makes us unique, what is yours?

Each of us is unique due to our own unique story and that’s what makes us special. We own our life and story, and by living our full potential we can find happiness in life.

My experience is that as soon as I felt worthy and loved myself for who I am, the need to compare myself to others disappeared. I wish we would all stop comparing ourselves with others and instead start to inspire and support one another.

We have the power to make things happen, so let’s harness it to adopt a positive attitude that allows us to lead an active amputee lifestyle that will help us to move forward.

I’m my best example cause’ growing up in Canada, Greece and Germany made me a very active person who loves spending time in nature with friends and traveling. Although a car accident that made me say goodbye not only to my leg but my very best friend interrupted my travel, I overcame it and found my path again.

First I struggled with a lot of pain from my two losses, I also suffered phantom pain and then had to deal with the change in what my body looked like as a young woman. Luckily, my strongest characteristic made me change my perspective: I was impatient and wanted to see what I could still do with my prosthetic leg. Finally, what helped to overcome my obstacles were my family, my friends, and my spirituality.

I believe that everything in my life is happening for a reason. It is not about what happens in life but about how you react to it and what you make out of it with your own willpower.

"It’s not about what happens to you in life, but how you react to it."

What do you highlight about the importance of exercise and sports to have an active amputee lifestyle?

We have to accept that we can’t do everything the same way as with two legs. That happened to me very quickly and then I learned that there is always an opportunity to create a way to keep doing the things you are passionate about. Today I am more active than ever, climbing, hiking, surfing, skiing, and playing tennis.

However, I know not everyone is as sporty as I am, but I assure you that being an active amputee helped me a lot to transform my setbacks in life and heal physically, mentally, and emotionally. That’s why I pursued my purpose of helping others achieve their personal growth and to maintain an active life.

Although we never know what tomorrow will bring, we can live in the present consciously and with great attention. So do what inspires you and what you are more passionate about.

"Today I am more active than ever, climbing, hiking, surfing, skiing, and playing tennis."

How do you think UNYQ Covers influence body image and self-perception?

Self-esteem is a matter of courage, acceptance and gratitude for who you are. And for me, UNYQ covers help you achieve it because they give you more self-confidence to not hide your prosthetic leg while showing you for who you really are.

I love how quick you can put on the cover or even change the cover and the attachment is also very solid. I’m looking forward to seeing more female designs!

"I wouldn’t give any advice to another UNYQer. I would just listen to their story…"

Christina Wechsel – Having an active amputee lifestyle. Photoshoot by Farina Deuchmann

About Christina’s UNYQ Herringbone design

Christina is wearing a UNYQ Herringbone design from the C-Collection in Champagne matte.

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