Amputation acceptance, discipline and perseverance

Paul is a motivational speaker, writer and sportsperson who defines himself as a passionate risk-taker and dreamer.
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Paul Montiel (UNYQer Interview)

Paul (AKA Hombre de Titanio) is a motivational speaker, writer and sportsperson who defines himself as a passionate risk-taker and dreamer.

After dealing with a lot of trouble at his young age he learned that acceptance, discipline and perseverance is his best ally.

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"We are all unique and unrepeatable and the key is acceptance, self-love and the desire to make ordinary days extraordinary."

Paul Montiel – Amputation acceptance, discipline and  perseverance. 

Photoshoot by Una de Mar y otra de Arena

Each of us has a personal life story that makes us unique, what is yours?

I am a man who has fallen many times and has managed to get up and go through amputation acceptance. As a young man, I suffered from several addictions and a car accident. My story of how I got in and out of the storm is hard but it is an example that you can always start over and that there is no age to fight for your dreams.

Although I had a car accident and hit rock bottom with some addictions at a very young age, now at my 50s I want to face the world and be happy doing what I am passionate about: lead by example with acceptance, discipline and constancy.

Now I’m telling my story to the world through my book and some documentaries I’ve been recording for the last few years. Inspiring others and raising awareness about amputation acceptance is my passion now. My new challenge is the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games.

Paul is wearing a UNYQ Odissey design from the C-Collection in Black glossy

How do you handle self-acceptance? What is your biggest inspiration in life?

You said it. The key word is acceptance, and when you achieve that the changes begin…forgive yourself, accept yourself and live here and now. The past is history, the future is uncertain and the present is a gift.

We all need reasons and purposes. The main thing to start the process of amputation acceptance is to have a dream and a goal and not stop until you get it. What motivates me every day and makes me feel alive are my children, my workouts and having the opportunity to inspire and raise awareness about amputee’s lifestyle.

"My best advice to another UNYQer is to fight for your dreams, and if we fall 10 times we get up 100 times. I am living proof of that and I can say that it is worth it to fight and be happy."

What does wearing UNYQ Covers mean to you?

I heard about UNYQ through my prosthetist and today I am proud and happy to belong to this beautiful family.

I like my custom prosthetic cover more and more every day because it reflects my strong personality, sporty and elegant at the same time.

What stands out the most is the quality and how it looks on me and it is quite easy to wear. I feel complete when I have it.

About Paul’s UNYQ Odissey design

Paul is wearing a UNYQ cover Odissey design from the C-Collection in Black glossy.

Inspired by futuristic spaceships from Sci-Fi, UNYQ Odissey’s design reminds the aesthetic of high-end technology.

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