UNYQ’s 2021 catalogue introduces our three new designs, Cocoon, Swan and Rako.
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UNYQ was founded on the idea that prosthetics should be fashionable and shape users identity, just like any other wearable. Following that vision it felt only right to launch a new line of design collections every year and accompany it with a fashionable catalogue. Here are some of the catalogs we launched, going back to 2015. Can you see our evolution?

As we leap into the Summer days we’ve been striving for, we’re pleased to introduce the 2021 Spring/Summer Catalogue. Due to travel restrictions we collaborated with most of our models remotely. Working with 10 amazing UNYQ models and their photographers, in locations going from the US to Europe to India, this is the final result and we are excited to share it with you.

UNYQ’s 2021 catalogue introduces our three new designs, Cocoon, Swan and Rako, which were developed at the end of 2020.

It includes a brand new special UNYQ cover material that so many have been asking about. It’s a new kind of cover, extremely flexible in nature, and it provides a lot more endurance than the firm polyamide covers. These covers will be available soon and are featured here with Karli-Anne Kronenberg in a photoshoot that took place in the vibrating city of Lisbon, Portugal, in May 2021.

We couldn’t have done this without our fantastic team of UNYQers.

The UNYQers who make this 2021 catalogue edition are: Flore Espina, Rafa Prieto and Alberto Ávila from Spain, Maria Lassen from Denmark, Ty Duckett from Los Angeles, California, Nichole Millage from Champaign, Illinois, Ajay Dony living in India and Lianne Forrest from England. We want to thank them for their collaboration and the shared journey since our Facebook interviews in 2020. Many of them also gave us invaluable insight for future designs and features, which we truly appreciate. You are the best!

You’ll find quotes from our FB interviews included in our catalogue. The amazing theme which was shared by all our UNYQERS in their different voices always came down to this:

“Enough with the hiding. It’s time to be ourselves and show off who we are! Don’t let the dogma bring you down. Instead, take your life into your own hands and let design and choice elevate you.”

Fully adjusted to the current times of remote communications and digitalization, our catalogue’s design has been adjusted so it’s easier to read in a digital format. Here is a direct link to each catalog in all the languages.

The same content is available in our website’s lookbook, in a nice floating vertical format that is particularly easy to scroll through on smartphones.

The new UNYQ flyer

All our partner clinics are receiving flyers for their waiting rooms, with a QR code that will redirect them to our catalog online. Cutting carbon emissions is a great way to show our love for Planet Earth!

If you’d like to take part in future editions of UNYQ Catalogue or know someone who would, please get in touch by email to

Have a wonderful Summer wherever you are, and remember, stay true to yourself!

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