The message was clear: “make a cover that will not break under stress”.
21 décembre 2023 par

If you use a prosthetic leg, then you understand the challenge that is keeping it safe and protected. Prosthetics may be a part of your life, but looking after them should be a quick and simple process. For truly effective protection, UNYQ has been successfully developing 3D printed covers, enjoyed by amputees around the world. And still, we asked our users for product feedback and ideas on improvement and the message was clear: “make a cover that will not break under stress”.

So back to the drawing board. Hours of designing, product research, testing and trialling. Feedback from amputees across time zones. One clear goal in mind: create a cover that would not break, that would absorb impact and stand the test of a very active lifestyle while at the same time maintaining the elegant designs UNYQ is proud to carry. 

We’re excited to announce we’ve solved the challenge and are pleased to announce UNYQ high endurance flexible covers – made of revolutionary 3D materials and special coloring that absorbs impact and bends to ensure durability.

Negro total, protección total

For this high endurance UNYQ flexible covers roll out, we’re introducing five exclusive designs that offer variety and versatility.  Download your UNYQ Catalogue and select the flex options for the U, Galaxy, Trooper, Odyssey and Next designs. The total black limited edition flex covers include a special paint that absorbs impact like never before. Let your cover match your lifestyle to reflect your UNYQ way of living.

Personalize your cover

The UNYQ way is all about options, and you have the opportunity to add engraving to your UNYQ covers for a customized finish. Speak to your prosthetist or contact us at hello@unyq.com for advice on the optimal finish for this exclusive cover. 

Order your UNYQ flexible cover today

Through our application or our Online Ordering System you can order your new flex cover and enjoy a endurance cover like never before. Download the UNYQ App in the iOS store and select the design that suits you best.

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